IPEX after the Treaty of Lisbon

About IPEX

IPEX, the InterParliamentary EU information eXchange, is a platform for the mutual exchange of information between the national Parliaments and the European Parliament concerning issues related to the European Union, especially in light of the provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon. The establishment of IPEX derives from a recommendation given by the Conference of Speakers of the Parliaments of the European Union in the year 2000.

The main part of IPEX is the Documents database which contains draft legislative proposals, consultation and information documents coming from the European Commission, parliamentary documents and information concerning the European Union. The parliamentary documents are uploaded individually by each national Parliament. IPEX offers at the same time the means for following the subsidiarity check deadlines.

IPEX also contains a Calendar of interparliamentary cooperation meetings and events in the European Union and a section on national Parliaments and the European Parliament providing links to relevant websites and databases in the field of interparliamentary cooperation, as well as specific procedures in EU Parliaments. IPEX is also hosting the EU Speakers website.

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